Sod Jamie’s 15 minute meals, I’d be surprised if this little concoction took anyone more than 3mins to put together.


200ml unsweetened almond milk
30g porridge oats
1 small chopped banana
1 scoop strawberry whey protein
100g frozen berries
1 handful of ice cubes

1. Put all ingredients except the ice in a blender and mix for 1 minute
2. Add the ice and serve

Per smoothie:
Calories – 364
Fat – 6.3g
Carbs – 47.8g
Protein – 28.1g

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Recipe: Sunday’s Sweet Potato & Squash Cottage Pie

Ingredients (serves 4):
500g lean mince beef
320g sliced carrots (I used tinned for convenience)
200g onion (again, I used pre-sliced for convenience)
100g petit pois
1 x beef stock pot
2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
40g tomato purée
400g sweet potato (peeled and cubed)
600g butternut squash (peeled and cubed)
20g salted butter
50g mature cheddar cheese

1. Fry off the onion
2. Add the mince and brown
3. Add carrots, beef stock, tomato purée and Worcestershire sauce
4. Leave for around 20mins, stirring occasionally
5. Chuck the sweet potato and squash into a pan and boil up until soft
6. Add the petit pois to the meat mixture
7. Leave the meat mixture for another 20mins (or until it looks nice and thick) then take off the heat and spoon into an ovenproof dish
8. Drain the potato and squash, mash (I prefer to blend because I’m lazy) then stir in the butter and cheese
9. Spoon the potato and squash mixture over the meat and throw in the oven for another half an hour or so (until it starts crisping on top)
10. Leave for 5 minutes before serving (I’d probably go broccoli or free beans for this one)

Per serving:
Calories – 477
Fat – 14.9g
Carbs – 53g
Protein – 35.2g

N.b. For a lower carb option you could easily use 200g less sweet potato and still have plenty of topping.

Jumping on the green smoothie bandwagon

Yesterday I attempted my first green smoothie. I keep seeing all sorts of concoctions on Instagram and after doing a bit of research decided green smoothies were for me. I want to avoid too much sugar so less fruit and more veg was the way to go.

So far so good. This little beauty only had 4 ingredients and although not as tasty as a bar of Galaxy it’s certainly not dreadful and packs in a decent portion of my 5 a day to kick off the day.

Half an avocado
Half a banana
100g spinach
200ml unsweetened almond milk

Calories: 291
Fat: 19.9g
Carbs: 27.1g
Protein: 6.4g

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