Goals, goals, goals…

According to Timehop, this time 3 years ago a film crew were in my home rigging up cameras to film me scoffing my face over the course of a week for Channel 4’s Secret Eaters (you can watch it on 4OD here).

At the time I was what I’d call ‘normal’ overweight. A size 16, but nothing that would cause a doctor concern. I felt massive though, and knew if I carried on the way I was going then I’d easily have slipped into full on fatty status.

Secret Eaters taught me that my overindulging wasn’t in the meals I cooked, but actually in my mid-afternoon snacks and alcohol consumption. I always tell myself they caught me on a bad week as it was the lead up to Christmas, but actually it probably wasn’t that out of the ordinary.

In the 9 months after the show was first filmed I lost 2 stones and looked very different, but at the time I still felt big (despite dropping 2 dress sizes) and kept finding new goals to hit.

Then monotony of being always so fixated with my weight loss, diet and exercise set in and I kind of let things slide a little, putting 10lbs of it back on, but feeling bigger than ever.

After a year of pretty much staying the same weight, give or take a few pounds, I have hit that point again where I’m ready to make a change.

I go through phases like this quite a lot, but never really mean it. I think weight loss, or looking at your diet, is as big a mental issue as it is physical. It’s fecking horrible when your physical appearance is on your mind 24/7.

This is why when I noticed #Fempower cropping up on Twitter that it caught my attention. The brainchild of Melissa Weldon, one of my favourite trainers at 1Rebel, Fempower was set up to build a community of strong, healthy and confident women. Melissa is a huge advocate of supporting women, wants to instil in us that our worth isn’t measured by the number of likes our Instagram selfies get, or the size of our jeans, and has been recruiting a team of women to join her and take part in Toughest, an obstacle course race taking part in London (well, technically East Sussex) in April 2016.

Last month I took the plunge and signed up. I’m now a member of Team Fempower and despite realising how ridiculous these obstacles we’ll need to tackle in April, I’m strangely excited.

Today I headed down to Hyde Park to join her and around 30 other women in a circuits workout…where I can safely say I quickly realised that I barely have enough strength to squash an ant, and therefore have a lot to do if I expect to be throwing myself over walls, climbing rope and all sorts next spring.

This week 2016 looked set to be a year of fitness for me as I found out I got a ballot place in Berlin Marathon next September.

When I signed up to Secret Eaters 3 years ago I was training for my first marathon, and have since run 2. I have felt like I’ve had a third in me for a while, but got completely bored with running so had a winter off and now will be back for a third next year.

For me, I like goals. I like to have something to aim for, a focus, a deadline. It keeps me motivated.

So, here I pledge the following goals for 2016:

  1. Complete Toughest with a group of inspiring, motivational women by my side
  2. Complete Berlin Marathon in sub 4:30 (my PB is 04:42:39)
  3. Realise that my self-worth is not measured by what the scales say and the size of my bingo wings – I want to truly believe in this, so this may be the biggest challenge!

I hope to use this blog as an outlet to track my training, my diet (this is where I really need to focus), my ups, my downs and my musings over the next 10 months.

Here we go!



This week I started the 90 Day Shift, Shape & Sustain Plan from
The Body Coach. In my last post I detailed why I chose this plan and feel positive it’ll suit my lifestyle.

I received my plan last week and set
about ordering all my supplements and a huge stack of new Tupperware.
I then got to work on my meal plan. I’m a bit of a planner anyway (no word of a lie, I know what I’m doing every weekend up until the middle of November!) so this was actually quite fun.
Meal planning also makes it a hell of a lot easier to go food shopping. I love a list!

Cycle 1 is alllll about fat loss, and boy do I have a lot to lose. I won’t share my “before” pics yet, as I want to see some progress first, but safe to say I’ve lost a lost of muscle and fat plenty of fat since last summer.
It’s a strange feeling as I’ve always been big, but after losing a lot of weight last year and then gaining I feel different this time. This time I KNOW I can look and feel better because I have previously, whereas in times gone by I had no comparison!

Exercise wise the idea is to do some HIIT training 4-5 times a week, and ideally before work whilst your body is in a fasted state. For me this works out quite well as I’m much more of a morning person anyway, and whilst the weather is nice it’s much more bearable to spend 20 minutes sweating it out in the morning than it is at lunch or in the evenings.

On the days I train I’ll have a high carb meal after my workout to refuel followed by 2 snacks and 2 low carb meals throughout the day and on rest days 3 low carb meals and 2 snacks.

I’m really enjoying not calorie counting. I know I’m eating so much better because my plates are filled with lots of vegetables and plenty of protein, so I’m not worrying that I’m not tracking every gram of coconut oil etc.

The first few days were strange, I was eating loads and feeling so full (but not bloated, yaaaay!) but every now and then would get hunger pangs, however that is definitely changing. I can only put it down to consuming so much before I started this and my stomach used to being fed every hour or so with 90% sugar!

I’ve been posting a few meals on Instagram and as you can see there’s proper portions and thought behind why I’m doing it and why I’m taking certain supplements. It’s the understanding that should take me long term and mean I’ll start to nourish my body rather than plug it with rubbish.


I’m only 3 days in so I might be in the “ooo, it’s new, isn’t this great?” bubble, but right now I feel so motivated to make the changes I need to make in order to lose the unwanted inches and not be so embarrassed by my body.

Watch this space…

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Setting Goals

I am lazy. I love nothing more than lying on the sofa watching Sex and the City and barely lifting my neck to reach for the Dairy Milk.

However, over the past 10 months I’ve had to try and break that desire to do nothing and get off my backside. This is partly why I started running – I couldn’t handle just going to the gym. I find it boring and I wanted a goal. Wanting to run 5km became wanting to run 10km and has now resulted in me running a full marathon.

This post is partly to show that sometimes setting goals help keep you focused – it’s something to aim for and gives you purpose to your workouts.

I ran Ealing Half Marathon last weekend but knew once I’d finished that I could quite easily start to slack off my longer runs so I’ve got myself a few events coming up over the next 6 months or so to keep my motivation up:

16th November 2013: Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest – 10k assault course (DESPERATELY NEED to build my upper body strength)

16th February 2014: Brighton Half Marathon – would LOVE to hit sub 2 hours

2nd March 2014: adidas Silverstone Half Marathon

6th April 2014: Brighton Marathon – my second within a year and know I can push myself to get under 5 hours


17th May 2014: Eton Supersprint Triathlon – a slight focus of focus post marathon and a new challenge

Last week I started my marathon training plan – I’ve got 500+ miles of running to get under my belt in the next 6 months. If that’s not a goal then I don’t know what is!

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