Last year I lost weight. A lot of it. 32lbs to be precise. 2 stones and 4lbs of unwanted weight.

At the time I was in the mind-set of ‘got to keep going, another half a stone to go’. Then without realising I gave up. I stopped exercising so much, I started eating more rubbish and I’m now 13lbs heavier.

I have run my second marathon in that time. I took 46mins off last year’s time, and I’m really proud of that. I’m not overly lazy so I really must’ve been ploughing through the cake to put it on. To say I’m frustrated is an understatement, but I only have myself to blame.

It’s not so much the weight gain that bothers me, it’s the inches I’ve gained. A couple on my hips, a few on my waist, a couple on my chest (ok, so I doubt my boyfriend minds that one), and after throwing away all my ‘fat’ clothes I’m finding everything a little tight and just feel quite deflated. I can really see it on my face in photos and without going all drama queen (I know looks aren’t everything) I just seemed to have lost quite a bit of body confidence.

I could either carry on moaning about it, eating amazingly for a week or so and then console myself with pizza when I feel rubbish. Or I could quit the whining and transfer that energy into something positive.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out I’m choosing the latter.

A little recap of where I was at my biggest and last summer at my smallest:


I’ve done a bit of research and came across The Body Coach. You can read more here.

Joe Wicks is a health and fitness trainer who has devised a series of online plans to help us lardies burn fat and get lean. I like the idea of losing weight and gaining muscle in a sensible way. No crash diets, no eat 17 bananas a day for 2 weeks whilst running 50 miles a day etc.

I’ve chosen to follow his 90 day Shift, Shape and Sustain plan, a 3 part strategy that gets me burning fat, increasing muscle mass and maintain everything I’ve learnt.

The first step was to fill in a detailed questionnaire about my current state of health, exercise regime and complete a week’s food diary. I was completely honest in my food diary, and quite frankly it was embarrassing. Seeing it written down on paper made it quite clear to see why I’m gaining weight, bringing back memories of standing in the Secret Eaters interrogation room being shown clips of me boozing away and flicking back to me in a “pre-interview” saying I barely drank alcohol!

Next up I have to send Joe 3 “before” pics, which I will also share on here. I know it’s not going to be great, but I keep thinking that’s the worse it’ll get so bite the bullet. I took progress pics when I was losing weight before and the motivation they give beats anything you see on the scales as you can really start to see the difference your hard work is making.

I’ll then receive a personalised plan to get me started. I’m a little apprehensive as I’m not surely entirely what to expect and how hard it’ll be, but essentially the idea is to get into the mentality of leading a healthy lifestyle which is the ultimate goal.

My aim is to blog my way through this. Partly so I can use it for reference looking back but also to keep the motivation up, especially as I have a holiday and a couple of weekends away coming up over the next few months.

Watch this space!


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