Setting Goals

I am lazy. I love nothing more than lying on the sofa watching Sex and the City and barely lifting my neck to reach for the Dairy Milk.

However, over the past 10 months I’ve had to try and break that desire to do nothing and get off my backside. This is partly why I started running – I couldn’t handle just going to the gym. I find it boring and I wanted a goal. Wanting to run 5km became wanting to run 10km and has now resulted in me running a full marathon.

This post is partly to show that sometimes setting goals help keep you focused – it’s something to aim for and gives you purpose to your workouts.

I ran Ealing Half Marathon last weekend but knew once I’d finished that I could quite easily start to slack off my longer runs so I’ve got myself a few events coming up over the next 6 months or so to keep my motivation up:

16th November 2013: Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest – 10k assault course (DESPERATELY NEED to build my upper body strength)

16th February 2014: Brighton Half Marathon – would LOVE to hit sub 2 hours

2nd March 2014: adidas Silverstone Half Marathon

6th April 2014: Brighton Marathon – my second within a year and know I can push myself to get under 5 hours


17th May 2014: Eton Supersprint Triathlon – a slight focus of focus post marathon and a new challenge

Last week I started my marathon training plan – I’ve got 500+ miles of running to get under my belt in the next 6 months. If that’s not a goal then I don’t know what is!


Previous PB: 2:13:43, Wokingham, Feb 2013
Aim: 2:10:00
Official Time: 2:00:57

Last Sunday I ran my second official half marathon in Ealing. This was my first long distance run since London Marathon in April, after a summer of 10ks, and I was absolutely over the moon I got my PB down by almost 13minutes in 8 months. I think a summer of working on speed with shorter distances definitely paid off.

My sister and friend came down to support me and I definitely think this spurred me on – part of me definitely wanted it to make their while getting up at 6am on a Sunday morning to stand around waiting for a glimpse of me as I ran past!

My next half marathon isn’t until February, but I’m hopeful that a sub 2 hour half marathon is now a real possibility.

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