Let’s start at the beginning…

Welcome! So after some almighty encouragement from lovely followers on Instagram and Twitter I’ve started a blog.

Truthfully I have no idea at this stage how it’ll pan out – I expect endless posts of me typing away about my exercise regime, running and what seems like the endless task of getting to ‘goal weight’. (Don’t say you haven’t been warned).

For now I’m hitting you with the hard stuff…my ‘before stats’, along with some shocking photos. As gruesome as they may be I now feel happy to share as I know I’ve worked hard over the past year to not only lose weight, but get fitter.

I must be clear – I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be fit.

I digress. So, my stats…these were taken in June 2012 and this was me at my worst.

Height: 5’7

Weight: 13stones 0lbs

Bust: 40 inches – now one plus size of being on the larger size was I’m certainly wasn’t lacking in the chest department, alas, the same can’t be said now

Waist: 34 inches…so technically I was at a higher risk of a heart attack than average Joe – a genuine concern

Hips: 44 inches – that’s what you call child-bearing hips!

Thighs: 25 inches – I HATED my thighs – the chub rub meant I always wore Spanx under my skirts to stop my legs rubbing – it was embarrassing, ugly and it needed to stop.

Arms: 13inches

But all that means nothing without a little visual accompaniment. The ‘before’ pics.

Front View photo (2) photo (3) (1)


I’m not at the ‘after’ stage yet as I haven’t reach my weight and fitness goals, but I will share a ‘now’ update soon so you can see where I’m currently at. Truthfully I haven’t actually taken my measurements in months so I’m keeping my fingers crossed there’s actually some decent improvement on those stats!

Well, that’s it, the extent of my weight problem has all been laid bare. I’ve found there’s nothing like a bit of semi nudity in your granny pants and ill fitting bra to give you some motivation to do something about it.


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